Quit Smoking

The Coast Quit smoking cessation programme is provided by trained smoking cessation staff at your medical centre or local pharmacy. 

 It is based on two active ingredients: Nicotine Replacement Therapy (NRT) patches, gum or lozenges, to reduce the withdrawl effects from stopping smoking; and one-to-one support sessions for several weeks, while you make the lifestyle change from smoker to ex-smoker.

Most people find that it takes them a while to get over their desire for a cigarette.  This is normal, and will soon fade away, especially when you start to feel the benefits from not sucking poisionous smoke into your lungs every day!

Your Coast Quit support person is there to offer advice and encouragement, to help you keep on track during the first few weeks.

Smokefree Pregnancy Incentives Programme

Are you pregnant (less than 28 weeks) and wanting help to stop smoking?

Have you heard of the Smokefree Pregnancy Incentives programme?

This 12-week programme provides you with ongoing support to quit and NRT (if needed) PLUS New World vouchers for every week you stay smokefree. You can gain smokefree rewards of up to $300 while on this programme – and a further New World voucher if you are smokefree two weeks after baby is born.

For more information, contact any one of the following people:

Joseph Mason (Hokitika)  0800 456 121

Ann McDonald (Greymouth and Hokitika)  03  769 7488

Trish Hunt (Greymouth)  0800 456 121

Jeanette Thomas (Buller District)  03 788 9238

Kerri-Ann Rakena (Buller District)  0800 456 121