WCPHO Dietitian Services

The range of services being offered by the dietitians at the PHO means that there is something to suit everyone, including those living rurally.  All of our services are free and are provided by our responsive, qualified team.

If you are ready to make positive lifestyle changes and would like input from a dietitian, please contact us at the WCPHO on 03 768 6182 for more details on any of our services listed below.

Services offered by the WCPHO Dietitians:

Dietitian Clinics (held in Greymouth, Hokitika and Buller)

Clients are eligible if they have one or more of the following:

Prediabetes (HbA1c 41-49) and are <75 years of age
Cardiovascular disease (CVD) risk >15% and <75 years of age
Body Mass Index (BMI) >30 kgm2
High blood pressure, high cholesterol, sleep apnoea, or polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS)
Type 2 Diabetes that is managed by their primary practice
Families with one child (≥5 years) with BMI for age > 97th centile (WHO)

Clients can request a phone consult if they live rurally and are not interested in enrolling in our on-line programme, Melon (see below for further details).

Green Prescription Plus

Clients can be referred through the Green Prescription coordinator for individualised nutrition advice if they have a Green Prescription and require weight reduction, an improvement in diabetes control or a reduction in risk factors for heart disease or pre-diabetes.


Melon is a 16-week digital health program providing peer support, health coaching, engaging resources and tracking tools to help people make positive lifestyle changes. To be eligible for Melon clients need to have a BMI >30kgm2, an email account that they access, a smartphone or computer with the ability to download the Melon application, and be self-motivated to engage with an online programme.

Ideal for those who enjoy using the internet and want a personalised programme that they can use when it suits them without having to go to a clinic.


Please click on the link before for the self referral form.


Living Well With Diabetes

This is a fun & interactive course for adults with Type 2 diabetes.  The course is designed to make diabetes understandable using the latest interactive visual teaching resources in a supportive group environment.

Supported by a diabetes nurse specialist, pharmacist and expert for foot care.

The sessions are ideal, not only for people newly diagnosed, but also as a refresher for those who have been living with diabetes for many years.

“Living Well with Diabetes”


Come along, meet new people and gain knowledge and confidence in dealing with the management of your type 2 diabetes

Learn how to:

Manage your symptoms
Look after your feet
Prevent/delay complications

Are you interested in attending?

For more information about the programs contact

The West Coast PHO

 Phone:   03 768 6182