Getting Active

The West Coast  Green Prescription team supports being active as an opportunity to enhance physical, mental and social wellbeing. Green Prescription provides support and motivation to increase your physical activity levels. This FREE service provides the guidance to get started - and get active, whether you are new or returning to physical activity.

Need help getting active?

Green Prescription is New Zealand's highly successful exercise referral programme. Doctors and Practice Nurses write a GRx for inactive patients to access support with increasing their physical activity levels for health and wellness benefits.

The programme involves an initial face-to-face consultation with GRx co-ordinator followed by regular visits and continued support. To find out more information contact Amy Bruhn on (03)768 6182 or ask your GP or practice nurse about being referred to Green Prescription.

How a Green Prescription can help:

Being physically active has many benefits. Not only does it make you feel good, it can also help you to:
Feel more confident, happy and relaxed
Have more energy
Improve cholesterol levels
Improve blood sugar levels
Maintain a healthy weight
Reduce stress, feelings of anxiety and depression
Lower blood pressure
Improve sleeping habits
Keep your bones strong
Cope better with asthma and breathing problems
Increase flexibility, mobility and reduce the pain of arthritis
Reduce the risk of some types of cancer
Reduce the risk of falling

Need help to get ACTIVE?

Make being active a part of your day. The best way to get active and stay motivated is to find something you enjoy! Why not try:

• Walking – it’s convenient and cheap. Walk on your own or in a group

• Swimming or aqua fitness – there’s lots you can do in the water

• Dancing – try something new and enjoyable • Gardening – fresh air and fresh vegetables

• Family fun – join your kids for games in the park or backyard

Ask your doctor if you are unsure about how active to be or if you experience any unexplained pain, dizziness or shortage of breath during activity.


How did Green Prescription benefit me? First of all, I was pretty slack when it came to exercise. Thought just walking around The Warehouse was sufficient. First time walked around the black, I got my heart pumping sop to speak, I felt invigorated. Gradually built up to 40-45 minute walks in a loop up hills and so on.

Steph the Dietician was good – needed to downsize my plate and portion sizes and incorporate more fresh vegies and drink more H2O. Also cut down my sweeties (not the easiest thing to do) but achievable.

Amy was supportive and encouraging me to do more. Enjoyed trying different gym equipment – loved the rowing machine.

Lost some weight, put some back on, but are determined to keep going with walking and my diet has improved, and my appreciation for life too.

I would recommend Green Prescription for anyone who wants to improve their health, fitness levels, diet and general well-being.

What you learn stays with you for life. So give it a go, I did.

 Lesley Ashley 


Well Green Prescription. When my doctor first told me I was obese and offered me a Green Prescription it came as no surprise that I was obese. I knew I had gained weight after quitting smoking and I was already over weight. What I didn't know was what a Green Prescription was and how it would change my life. Some background- a couple of months before my doctors visit I had been on a walk with my kids and struggled to keep up with them. Then there was the big 40 looming. So when my wife explained what Green Prescription was I decide it was time to do something about it.

40 years of not exercising unless I had to for work etc made me nervous to even go to a gym but walking in the first time to find someone I knew jogging hard out on the treadmill relaxed me. Also the whole team at the PHO were friendly and encouraging. The exercise bug  bit me and know I have a Gym membership at FitFX Studio's and attend ZUU classes on Saturdays as well as going to RI's Shape up on Sundays.

Green Prescription has changed my life in ways I never would have expected. I get up early to go to the gym before work. At work I am more energetic and when I get home I still have energy to play with my kids. When I go to the supermarket I check sugar levels and avoid to much carbs. But the biggest change is that I feel happy and I am enjoying life. Thanks Green Prescription and the Team at the West Coast PHO.  

Steve Hutt