Mental Health

Primary Health Counselling Programme

We are a free Primary Mental Health Brief Intervention service that offers counselling support to clients with mild to moderate mental health issues.

We work with the local General Practice teams to improve the health and wellbing of Coasters.We are a multidisciplinary team of mental health professionals. Each member has the clinical expertise to help you develop your ability to manage stress, regulate your emotions and develop coping skills.

The brief intervention service is confidential. We will not diclose informatin about you to a third party without your informed consent.

This service can help you with:

  • Relieving anxiety and depression, managing stressful situations and understanding change including loss and grief;
  • Specific therapies to help you with problem-solving and different ways of thinking, feeling and behaving;
  • Information, advice and support about healthy lifestyle;
  • Increasing resilience and satifaction with life;
  • Referral and liaison to other health or social service agencies.

Please ask your doctor or nurse if you want to know more about this programme. If you are under 19 please refer to our 'Youth referral form' .

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